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Welcome to the Express v. Tigers 6-6-09 T-Ball photo page.

1. Viewing photos: Click on a photo to see a large version and a thumbnail of photos you can select along the top. If you want to see the photos using the "dim lights" mode, simply click on the enlarged photo and it will dim the rest of the screen. You can also watch a slide show of all the photos by clicking the"slideshow"button on the top right.

2. Photo edits: Most of these photos have not been edited or color corrected. However, if you like the couple of examples of "3D" photos with the subject leaving the frame or the photos that have been "color altered" and want me to edit additional photos like those, email me. The one's that are included in this gallery were just randomly selected.

3. Website navigation: The top left text "Bill Miller Photo" will take you to the home page. You can also click on any of the words on the line of text under "Bill Miller Photo." Each of those links takes you further up the website pages towards the home page. For example if you click the word "Sports" on this line, you will go the Sports group where you can then click on "Team Photos" or see other sports photos. You can navigate back to these photos through the "Sports" folder on the home page, then the PGYA Baseball folder on the sports page etc. . . (Folders have a folder picture on them). If you have problems finding your way around the site, let me know that too.

4. Ordering photos: If you want to order a photo, click the "add to cart" button from the top right or mouse over the photo and select add to cart from there. Once you enter the "cart" phase, you can choose from many different categories of photo products including prints of all sizes. In addition to prints, you can order digital versions only or any number of specility items like coffee mugs, t-shirts and puzzles— just select the type of item you want to order from the shopping cart menu. See, also

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