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Welcome to the P.G.Y.A. Steelers 2010 Football page. "Team photos" and 5 x 7 reprints of the individual photos are available here. You can order a "Sports Package" of photos (one 8 x 10, one 5 x 7 and four wallets) or you can order a mix of other products as well. IF YOU PLACED A TEAM PHOTOS ORDER DIRECTLY WITH ME, YOUR PHOTOS WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOUR COACH. Only Order here is you want additional or different photos products.

If you didn't order a composite, but want one let me know. All individual photos are cropped to 5 X 7. All Team/Individual Composites are cropped to 8 x 10. All other photos are based on a 4 x 6 ratio. If you crop a photo to a ratio its not made for, part of your picture may be cut off!!

Of course, if you just want to look and share with your family and friends online, that's great too.

IF you have any questions about ordering, showing, doing slides shows or anything else, just shoot me an email!

Hope you enjoy!

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